Our mantra is to clean out your closet so girls in need can fill theirs. We believe in the power of an outfit and that being clothed in strength and dignity can create a confidence in these women that will inspire them to dream again. The apparel and textile production industry makes up 10% of global carbon emissions, dries up water sources, and pollutes rivers and streams. Fast fashion is one of the leading causes of this environmental impact as consumers are purchasing & discarding more than ever. free fab’rik utilizes recycled clothing to restore strength and dignity to women who have lost theirs. Each one of our fab’rik stores is partnered with a local organization within their own city and hosts a free fab’rik clothing bin to collect donations. All of the donations received at fab’rik locations are taken to the local Dream Boutique or taken directly to the organization the store is partnered with. Your gently loved clothing goes straight to a woman in your area and provides them with the same confidence.      


Join fab’rik’s conservation mission and extend the life of your clothing by donating to free fab’rik. Extending the life of your clothing by a single year decreases carbon emissions by 24%. Change lives in your local community and preserve the world around you by donating to your preloved clothing to your local fab’rik store. Donating extends the life of a garment which helps preserve our environment. Each donation matters.