Love What You Do

A guide to slowing down an overwhelmed and overscheduled life to ignite your passion, help you love what you do beyond simply a job title, and focus on what you were specifically designed to do with your one precious life.


The Launch Team 

Dana wants you to share what inspires you, what ignites your passion, and how you love what you do by joining her launch team. Members of the launch team will receive VIP tickets to the fashion show launch party, a private fab’rik discount code, and a free audiobook. By sharing what you love on social media with your copy of the book and tagging #lovewhatyoudo and @danaspinola, you’ll help spread the fire to ignite passion and pursue your purpose while being a part of the mission to inspire others to love what they do.

The Book

Do you really love what you do, not just your job, but your whole life? Does it make you happy, proud, and serve those around you? In love what you do, Dana Spinola will give you unaltered, focused, exhilarating clarity around your passion—what makes your heart beat. She challenges you to define your purpose—what breaks your heart. She then thoughtfully helps you weave them together to create a life on fire infused with meaning. It’s not selfish to do what we love with this one precious life—it’s our responsibility.

The Author

Dana Spinola is the founder of fab’rik Boutiques, free fab’rik non-profit, Asher clothing line, and a mother of four. Forbes called her “one of the five great American entrepreneurs you haven’t heard of yet but should know” because of her dedication to not only building a growing fashion brand but for inspiring a culture of people to weave purpose into their companies and their life. She was voted Business Person of the Year, Women Making a Mark, 40 under 40, and has appeared in dozens of publications from Wall Street Journal to Elle. Motivational and inspirational leader, Dana is committed to reminding women to dream big and then chase those dreams relentlessly.