fab'rik prides itself on first-class customer service so all of our Stylists are true personal shoppers, people who love fashion and everything to do with it. They love working with people and helping them find the perfect outfit, no matter the occasion. They search out the latest trends and are not afraid to push the envelope. Our Stylist's are extremely dedicated, creative and gives honest opinions. It is their goal to have customers leave the store feeling more beautiful than when they entered- every single customer...this is your charge!

As part of the team, you will be a key contributor in meeting the monthly sales goals. Your attitude will create the fab'rik experience for each customer; comfortable, inspiring and exciting. 


1. Exceed Sales Goals

2. Follow the fab’rik Formula

3. WOW our customers

4. Ensure the store is beautiful at all times

5. Help curate posts and Instagram stories to showcase the store, inventory, and any other promotions or sales that are current


1. Employee merchandise discount of 30% off purchases

2. Monthly Sales Bonus

Location: Avalon

Posted Date: 7/27/2023